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Often I am asked to deal with contracts presented to dentists- as employees independent contractors or service and facility users. To review the […]
  • Supervision- how to handle it (I) Supervision- how to handle it (I)

    Supervision- how to handle it (I)

Supervision- how to handle it (I)

If as a practitioner you are unfortunate enough to have conditions imposed on your registration – whether by Dental Council of NSW or Dental Board of Australia, […]

Contracts and Restraint: A paper

I recently gave a paper on this in New Zealand. It is worth reading if you work in private practice. Current Issues with Contractors in Health Practice- Contractors or […]

Medicare Warming Up for Audits & PSR Panels ?

MEDICARE AND PROFESSIONAL SERVICES REVIEW Medicare has put dentists on notice about compliance with the CDBS. Ensure you are compliant particularly with consent and records. It is directed at Health Practitioners and […]

Lack of Candour in Registration (Criminal Record) and CV

In a case last year, HCCC v Dr BARTOLAZO NSWDT 4 (9 August 2013), the HCCC found that not declaring a criminal record amounted to professional […]

Rubber Dam in 2014 (ADJ)

Why anyone would perform endodontics without rubber dam is a mystery. In an article by Professor Stephen Cohen and others , this issue is expertly addressed. I […]

Minimum Legally Invasive Dentistry

In the December ADJ, an article by Dr Raymond Lam  from Western Australia discusses litigation in dentistry with a broad and interesting article about litigation, recent law […]

Procedure for hearing: Transfer of Hearing

In Bentley v Dr Nguyen NSWDC 231, a plaintiff  is claiming damages from a dentist and two other defendants. In circumstances where the treating defendants and also all […]

GP Orthodontics challenged: – failure to refer, failure to keep records

In a recent Victorian case, at the VCAT found against a GP orthodontic general dentist. Practitioners performing GP orthodontics ought to read this s case and also […]

Eurobodalla Fluoride Issues Inc v Eurobodalla Shire Council [2014] NSWLEC 182 (28 November 2014)

This is an administrative law case dealing with state and local government powers to fluoridate the water supply. In essence the application to prevent the  community health measure was dismissed.   At […]