Employment Law –

Specific to Dental Professionals

Whether you are an employer, a practice principal, employee, or independent contractor, Brad can assist with your employment law problems, whether in unfair dismissal, general protections, or unpaid wages or benefits.

If these issues arise, just call me for assistance, whether to act quickly to minimise risk, or to litigate your rights or defend an action against you. Whether public or private sector, if it’s dental employment law,  the expertise and experience is available.

Employment and Independent Contracts Drafting

If you need a contract or deed drafted for employment or engagement of independent contractors, then there are some areas which need particular attention. I review contracts and draft contracts regularly, and can advise the best way to achieve what you want with these agreements for the workplace.

Reviewing Contracts

Often dentists are presented with contracts of employment or independent contractor agreements. The most efficient means of review is available because of the experience I have with these workplace agreements. Advice can be provided in relation to the entirety of the agreement, or the typical issues in relation to termination, restraint, patient records,  and re-treatment.